Saturday, February 3, 2007

Introducing DyDAn

The Department of Homeland Security DHS) has different ways to support research. In particular, DHS now supports research via the Institute of Discrete Sciences (IDS), a joint project between DHS and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. The Institute has announced four University Affiliate Centers (UACs) for research. DyDAn is the UAC based at Rutgers University in NJ. The focus at DyDAn is on research in Algorithms, Discrete Math and Data Analysis, and applications thereof.

This blog will be a forum for researchers not only at DyDAn, but also other UACs and researchers everywhere to interact with each other. Therefore, this blog will not only feature announcements, but also discuss research problems and progress at DYDAn, other UACs and the general research community on topics of common interest to IDS. We welcome comments, suggestions and discussions, directly through blog comments or via email.